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We offer the best product at the best price

Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) was established in 2017 as part of Melco Instrumentation’s B-BBEE strategy to achieve the true purpose of B-BBEE by empowering the previously disadvantaged.

Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) is a Level 2 BLACK OWNED B-BBEE company owned 51% by Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) B-BBEE Trust and 49% by Melco Instrumentation (Pty) Ltd. Previously disadvantaged staff will benefit from the Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) B-BBEE Trust.

Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd)'s mission is to be one of South Africa’s preferred distributors of measuring, indicating and controlling instruments, medals and trophies as well as Gravotech Marking equipment and consumable.

Using the skillset and commitment of our management and employees together with our portfolio of brands to differentiate our services and products, we seek to supply quality products at the best possible price.

U-Sasazo is the Xhosa word for distribution and therefore very appropriate as Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) will be the official distributor of Melco Instrumentation’s products and services countrywide.
Melco as a company has been the only importer on Gravotech equipment and consumables for over 50 years.

These products and services include:

• A wide range of high quality industrial and commercial measuring, indicating and controlling instruments that is thermometers, pressure gauges and ancillary products. Our clients include Rand Water and Water Skills.

GRAVOTECH engraving equipment, engraving equipment parts and consumables. Our clients include Toyota South Africa, Grundfos, Distell Limited, Murray & Roberts, BMW South Africa.

GRAVOTECH range of Traceability and Marking solutions designed and manufactured by the Gravotech Group.

• Medals and NEW design trophies.



As part of our BBBEE strategy in relation with the latest amended BBBEE codes and of fulling the true purpose of BBBEE: empowering the previously disadvantaged, MELCO INSTRUMENTATION (PTY) LTD in conjunction with our previously disadvantaged staff have established a new company namely Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd). (U-Sasazo being the Xhosa word for distribution).

Melco U Sasazo Pty (Ltd) is a Level 2 BLACK OWNED BBBEE company and will distribute all Melco Instrumentation products and services to the various markets and customers we supply too.

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